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Ceremony Enhancements

Ceremony enhancements are rituals that I can include in your ceremony that focus on unity, not only the unity of you as the couple but they can also be used to symbolise the coming together of families. They are designed to be inclusive, ensuring your guests feel that they are a special part of your union, and are full of symbolism, allowing us to add a lovely 'richness' to your ceremony. I would love to chat with you about how we could include a unity ritual for you. I have popped a few details about some of the most popular unity rituals below but this list is in no way a definitve list!



Handfasting is one of the most popular unity rituals chosen by couples. It is a ritual that dates back to ancient Celtic times and is where the expression 'tying the knot' comes from! I will wrap either tied ribbons, or a cord, around your hands, whilst explaining to your guests what we are doing and why. The ties represent the bind of the vows you have made whilst the knot represents the way in which a good marriage will strengthen under pressure. The colours of the ribbons or cords we use will be chosen for what they mean to you as a couple. Some couples like to choose pieces of material that symbolise something or someone special e.g. lace from a mother's wedding dress, a college scarf, material from granddads favorite shirt. A ritual to help make your ceremony shine!


Sand Ceremony

This lovely ritual offers a unique way to symbolise two lives becoming one and is also a fabulous way to incorporate children or other family members into the ceremony. Typically, each person has different coloured sand and take turns pouring it into one clear vessel (lots of options for this that I can share with you!)  forming a layered but blended effect. I especially love this ceremony, not only because it is so visual and provides you with a lasting keepsake, but it is a perfect ceremony to symbolise the blending of families where one or both partners have children. 


Ring Warming

A ring warming involves members of your bridal party, or all of your guests if you prefer. Your wedding rings will be (carefully) passed around with each person holding them to warm them with their love, making a silent wish for you as a couple.  As you then exchange rings, you will do so in the knowledge that they are not just a symbol of your union but also a symbol of the love, support and wisdom of your loved ones. This can be performed just before your ceremony starts or just before the ring exchange.

This ritual can be placed anywhere you like within your ceremony. You would both light individual taper candles which you would then use to light, together, a large centre candle. There are some lovely variations on this ceremony for example, you could ask your parents to light your individual candles for you. I love the symbolism of this ritual; the merging of two families whilst maintaining individuality. It's another lovely ritual to include older children in. You may choose to have a poem recited whilst the candles are being lit, or you might prefer to have a favourite piece of music played or performed. The choice is yours and I would be happy to help inform that choice.


Unity Candle

.....and many, many more!

Oathing Stones, Wine Box Capsule, Tree Planting, Time Capsule, Tea Ceremony, Rose Ceremony....the list of little rituals we can include in your special day is endless but I would be happy to work with you to make suggestions if you need me to in order to ensure that every aspect of your ceremony is personal to you and your family.

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