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"Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even its end"


Saying goodbye

Although death is an inevitable part of life's natural order,  it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. I understand what a sad and overwhelming time this is for you and am so sorry for your loss.

At this difficult time, it can be hard to find all the words you want to say and organise a ceremony that will bid a final farewell to your loved one. As a celebrant, I am able to be by your side and work with you to  create a funeral ceremony which captures the essence of your loved ones personality and puts your needs at its heart.

Funeral ceremonies do not have to be limited to a crematorium, a cemetery or a burial ground - many people now consider having a ceremony for a loved one in the family garden or at a local beautiful venue, such as a woodland or lake. These venues offer a relaxed and special alternative to traditional venues, making for beautiful, memorable ceremonies. After all, a funeral service should be a celebration of the life of your loved one and a mark of remembrance of their time here with you.  As a celebrant, I will be able guide the service through the path of celebration from the initial welcoming to the final committal and farewell.

How I can help

From the moment you get in touch, I will be a safe, compassionate and gentle pair of hands for you. We will arrange a time for us to meet - you can have other people with you at this meeting to help you if you'd like.

We will talk about your memories, your happy times, the sad times. Through you, I will get to know your loved one and will weave all you tell me to create a ceremony that will encompass their life and focus on times that you want to remember and celebrate.

We will think about music, readings, poems and who you might like to have read them. We can include religious or spiritual prayers, hymns and readings if that is something that is appropriate for your loved one. Some families prefer


to have me read all chosen words whilst other families like to have family members do so. Either way, we can decide on that together and I can make suggestions for what to include if you need some help with that. If someone is chosen to read during the ceremony but on the day they find they struggle to do so, I will be by their side to step in if needs be.

If I have been asked to prepare the eulogy (sometimes known as a tribute) I will usually write this first as it is the cornerstone of the ceremony.  I will then send this to you so that you can check that I have fully captured the essence of your loved one and also to allow you to make any factual corrections if necessary.  It might be that a family member or friend would like to write the eulogy and that is fine! I can help with suggestions for what to say and how to write it if that helps them.

It is really important to me that I be as supportive as I can so I will ensure regular contact with your Funeral Director so that you are safe in the knowledge that everyone is working together to make sure the ceremony runs smoothly.

                                                                                                                     Price ~ $300

(travel costs may apply)

Writing by the Water

The Celebrant Accord

Recognising that a funeral ceremony should be a positive part of the grieving process, the Funeral Celebrancy Council has defined best practice and sets standards for funeral celebrants. I have adopted their Funeral Celebrant Accord which defines the attributes and skills required of an excellent funeral celebrant. As a result, I have adopted standards that ensure I will serve my families by creating and leading a personal, accurate and respectful ceremony that clearly reflects the life, values and beliefs of the person who has died.

You can read a more comprehensive account of the Accord by clicking here

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