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"Here's to love and laughter, and happily ever after"

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Celebrating an engagement is such a magical moment in your love story! But, amidst all of the wedding planning you will no doubt be busy with, it is important to remember that you are not just planning a wedding . You are beginning a marriage. And your wedding ceremony is the moment that it will start! So, you ceremony should have just as much (if not more!) focus as the other elements of your wedding day. It should be the beating heart of your day, the part of your wedding that sets the tone not only for your celebrations but for the marriage you want to build. Your ceremony should not be the 'boring' bit your guests have to sit through before they get the drinks, food and dancing! 

As a wedding officiant, I consider it such a privilege to be able to help couples create a wedding ceremony that will begin their married lives.  With a range of packages to choose from, I am able to create a ceremony that is uniquely suited to your wishes. Whether you are looking for a simple signing service, a small but authentic wedding or a fully  bespoke ceremony, please do get in touch. I'd be delighted to chat with you about the options available

Why choose a professional officiant?

Whilst in theory it can be a great idea to consider having a friend or family member officiate your wedding, it does present challenges. There are so many little details that add up to a great ceremony, details that a non-professional officiant will not fully be aware of and then, as a result, will overlook. The pressure involved for both your friend/family member and for you can be considerable. And there are other ways for you to include special people in your ceremony.

Choosing a professional officiant means that you can be assured that your ceremony is in safe hands. My professional training and subsequent experience allows me to understand the many different elements needed in creating a perfect ceremony. Whether it be ensuring your marriage license is correctly completed, being able to write bespoke vows, calming down nervous wedding party members, knowing how to work with your other vendors (especially photographers!) dealing with interruptions or offering expert advice on creative content, as a professional officiant I take all of this in my stride!

Your wedding ceremony is what your wedding day is all about and the person who officiates at your ceremony will have a lot of influence on what will hopefully become a beautiful memory for you. Choosing a professional ensures a stress free, perfect ceremony that will live in your hearts long after the day is over

  • I am a complete perfectionist with an eye for detail.

  • I am a professionally trained officiant, accredited by the ICPC and ordained by AMM

  • I am a confident public speaker, able to inject some natural humor if required!

  • When managing large groups of people, I am competent and personable, professional yet relaxed.

  • I am warm, friendly, adaptable and reliable. I am often told that I have a gift for putting people at ease.

  • In terms of crafting ceremony scripts, I am creative and imaginative, able to 'think outside of the box' where required.

  • My family describe my planning and organisational skills as exceptional! I have fine tuned them, after all, over 20 years of teaching teenagers!

  • I have experience in planning large scale, high profile events - think English private school services, in a Cathedral, with hundreds of pupils, parents, staff  and dignitaries to coordinate and rehearse!

  • As a teacher, I developed a vast knowledge of, and respect for, religious and non-religious celebrations that mark the rites of passage of life.

  • I am calm under pressure ~ this comes in handy with any last minute venue hiccups on wedding days!

  • I have excellent communication skills - you'll always know how your ceremony is coming along.

  • I will listen to your ideas for your ceremony carefully, but can help you with suggesting some creative ideas if you need them.

  • I am happy working with children and animals! They always bring a special touch to wedding ceremonies.

  • I am, quite simply, in love with love!

Why choose me as your wedding officiant?

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