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Historically, the way we talk about death and dying has been something of a taboo subject. However, more recently, the way we talk about death is ever-changing as we adapt the ways in which we celebrate and grieve the lives and deaths of those we love the most. This also means that more  people now feel comfortable in discussing their plans for their own deaths more openly so funerals are beginning to change too.

This has led to the rise of 'Living Wishes and Living Funerals'


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Living Wishes

Most of us find it hard to think about what will happen when we die, but I know from conversations with many families that even the simplest conversation about your funeral wishes can make a hard time a little bit easier and can ensure that your life is celebrated in the way you would have wanted.

Living Wishes are essentially your wishes, made before your death, stating what you would like your funeral or end of life celebration to be. It would be my role to support you through considering all of the elements of your funeral including music, readings, type of coffin and even writing your eulogy. This is your chance to plan a service that reflects your personality and the unique life that you led.


Once we have everything planned, I would then create your perfect ceremony, providing a full script of your wishes for you to review and then provide a copy for your next of kin.

I would, of course, then be honoured to deliver your ceremony when the time comes

Living Funerals

Changing attitudes around death mean that funerals are increasingly seen as a celebration of life. Traditionally, funerals offer an occasion to remember, give thanks and say goodbye to a loved one. Living Funerals offer an interesting alternative to a traditional funeral as they are conducted whilst the loved one is still alive.

This means that not only can family and friends celebrate the life of their loved one but that person can themselves thank and celebrate the people who have made their life so precious. In this way, the person is joining the celebration and seeing the impact of their life as they are celebrated and honoured.

A living funeral can be incredibly uplifting as it will be hugely personalised. I would be incredibly privileged to help you create a ceremony that will celebrate you and your life and allow you the opportunity to consider the impact you have had on your loved ones, and vice versa.

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