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Baby Naming

What is more wonderful and magical than the arrival of a new baby! So, celebrating their safe arrival should also be wonderful!

Your ceremony can be a simple 'welcome to the world' or a formal 'naming' It can also be a time when you  want to make certain promises and commitments to your baby and, of course, it can be an occasion for other important people in the life of your baby to give well wishes and and perhaps make their own promises. This can include grandparents, 'guide-parents' or older siblings. As with all of my ceremonies, we will work together to create a beautiful ceremony that places all you wish for your baby firmly at its heart!

Adoption Ceremony

An adoption ceremony offers a wonderful way welcome a new child into your family and celebrate making it through the lengthy adoption process!

Although not legally binding , adoption ceremonies are more about recognising the gift of love and the celebration of family. 

Together, we will create a beautiful, relaxed and bespoke ceremony which will resonate with you and signifies your union as a family. Like a baby naming ceremony, we can include a little unity ritual, write and read promises to the child, involve 'guide-parents'....the possibilities of how and where to have such a ceremony are only limited by imagination!

Couple with Daughter

Vow Renewals

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Renaming Ceremonies

There are few milestones as important and literally life changing as gender reassignment. Taking on a new name, and sharing it with your loved ones and supporters can be a powerful and meaningful way to share the change you have made. You may wish to publicly thank everyone who has supported you through your transition, or simply share your personal journey. As with all of my ceremonies, I will work with you to ensure that it reflects all that you want it to.

There are many reasons why a couple may choose to renew their wedding vows. For some couples, they find it a perfect way to celebrate a special anniversary. For others, it might be that their original wedding day was not quite what they would have liked it to be so a vow renewal offers an opportunity to put that right! And for some couples, it might be that they've been through a difficult patch and they choose a vow renewal ceremony to reaffirm their love and commitment to one another.

Whatever the reason, I would be delighted to help you to create a unique ceremony that reaffirms your love story. Whether you'd like something intimate with just close family and friends or whether you prefer a much bigger affair, whatever you choose, I will ensure you have a beautiful, bespoke and memorable ceremony.

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