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Things you should be considering when choosing your wedding celebrant

Choosing a celebrant for your wedding is just as important a decision as many of the other decisions you'll make in planning a perfect wedding day. You'll likely spend hours and hours (maybe even days and days if you're anything like I was!) researching venues, decorations, florists, outfits, food, music etc etc, all in the pursuit of having a perfect wedding day. But given a celebrant will be the person crafting and delivering your ceremony for you, it is SO important that you put some robust research into choosing your celebrant too! It is vital that they have a rapport with you, that they'll listen to your vision for your ceremony and/or guide you if you are not sure what you'd like

So, if I were in your wedding planning shoes, these are the sorts of things I'd want to consider....

  • How will they get to know us and will they listen to our ideas?

  • Are they organised?

  • Are they likely to be able to cope under pressure

  • Will they give us updates on how they're getting on with writing the ceremony?

  • Will they be easy to contact if we have questions or suggestions?

  • We will be able to make tweaks to the content of the ceremony

  • Cant they advise us on readings/music/unity ceremonies - all the things that can make a ceremony unique?

  • Will they interact with our family and friends well?

  • Are they professionally trained?

  • Are they prepared to work with our other suppliers e.g. the venue, the photographer?

  • Will they be confident in speaking on the day?

Above all else, the main question you need to be considering is "do we like them and can we see them helping us to create our dream ceremony?" Don't settle for any celebrant. As with all other aspects of your wedding, do your research, ask the right questions and make sure you find a celebrant you click with. After all, they'll be the person stood with you on one of the most important days of your life.

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