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A match made in ceremony heaven!

Updated: May 14, 2022

Wedding venues, this is a blog for you!

I have absolutely no doubt that, as a wedding industry professional, you strive to provide the best possible wedding day for your couples. It's a given! But one thing I'm noticing as a new celebrant researching local wedding venues is just how few venues have a celebrant listed as one of their 'recommended suppliers'. Cake makers, florists, photographers etc are a given on these lists. But celebrants? Not so much!

However, I genuinely think you're missing an opportunity if you don't have a trusted celebrant you can recommend to your couples. Let me explain!

As a wedding celebrant, I work closely with a couple to use words, music & ritual to craft their love story into a completely bespoke ceremony that can take place wherever, whenever and however they like!

If a couple need a registrar to deliver a ceremony at your venue (as opposed to a registry office) then the cost and limitations can be considerable with the end result being a pretty standard, non-personalised ceremony. But, your couples will get so much more with a celebrant led ceremony for not a lot more money!

Registrars are limited by rules and criteria relating to where they can perform ceremonies, the wording they use, music, readings & how long the ceremony can be. As a celebrant, I am not restricted by any of these things! I have complete flexibility when it comes to creating & performing a ceremony. Also, a couple will not normally meet their registrar beforehand whereas I will have met with them several times to get to know them, making for a much more personalised ceremony.

Although celebrant wedding ceremonies are not legally binding at the moment, a couple can have their marriage legalised in a short, cheap ceremony at a registry office. Their actual wedding ceremony and all of the beautiful things can then take place at your venue with a celebrant!

Being able to offer your couples a celebrant ceremony means that your venue can be used to offer couples something really unique that enhances all that you already offer. A ceremony space does not have to be licensed for a celebrant ceremony! This allows you to be creative in the spaces you can offer for ceremonies. A good celebrant can help you to unlock the potential of your venue and support you in ensuring your couples have the most unique, wonderful wedding day!

So, if a celebrant reaches out to you to ask you consider listing them as a preferred supplier, then have the chat! They'll be happy to talk through with you all they can offer to ensure that the two of you can offer the best of days for your couples! And isn't that what it's all about?!

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