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Now that I'm qualified and am starting my journey into the wonderful world of Celebrancy, I'm finding that very few people actually know what a celebrant is and what they can offer. So, given this is my first ever blog, I thought I'd start at the beginning and try to summarise the amazing role of a celebrant!

The world 'celebrant' literally means 'a person who leads a celebration'. Life is full of celebrations and many are centred around the milestones that act as transition steps along the journey of our life. From the birth of a baby, to weddings to funerals, all of these key life moments typically use ceremony to help those involved celebrate and transition into a new phase of life. Traditionally, religion provided the ceremonies to mark these important life moments. However, there is now a trend for couples and families to celebrate in a more personalised way with little or no religious ritual.

The job of a celebrant is essentially twofold. Firstly, a celebrant will craft a beautiful, bespoke ceremony for the occasion. Using words, music and ritual, ceremonies are personalised to reflect the values, feelings and beliefs of those involved. A significant part of a celebrant's role is writing ceremony scripts; meeting with families and couples in order to really listen to what is important to them and then crafting all they say into a heartfelt ceremony script.

The second part of the job is then delivering these ceremonies! The beauty of a celebrant ceremony is that the celebrant can be completely flexible in where ceremonies can be held, their duration and their content. This makes for beautifully unique ceremonies each and every time they are delivered.

So, in a nutshell, as a celebrant I create and deliver highly personalised naming ceremonies, weddings, funerals and any other occasion that is worthy of celebration!

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